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- Tricia

I can't just get myself off those powerful words i got from my Brand training masterclass with @triciabiz, you made me see how important having a STAND is as long as I want to be in market, it was such an insightful one, the constructive scrutiny, admonitions etc. You are indeed a pot of boiling ideas, God bless the well of wisdom you draw from ma. 

Bridget Otubu

Brees Design

What an eye opening and equally awesome time I had with this beautiful woman at the Ibadan edition of DEFINING YOUR BRAND MASTERCLASS!! OMG! She is super loaded. Thanks so much for the inspiration an very frank admonitions. You are one of a kind. You have shown me how much I have to decide exactly what my brand must stand for. She is Tricia Yusuf and yes she is a branding rockstar

Atinuke Awobode

Dress My Closet DMC

It is so hard to put the perfect word to describe triciabiz. Tricia is the business coach you need to get you running. Assignments that task you, targets to meet.. The best part of all these activities is seeing results. Thank you Tricia for making me see results.

Dorcas Ikya

Tabithas Kids

From my time working with Tricia, I gained clarity and direction for the FitMumHub which I had been struggling with for a while, our sessions also opened my eyes to various channels and aspects of the business I hadn’t even considered.


I think what stood out for me most was her way of challenging you to strive to be different and unique even if you’re in an already saturated market and not only does she challenge you, she guides concrete and practical guidance.

Damilola Ogundipe

The Fit Mum Hub

Working with Triciabiz helped me achieve more than what I ever imagined or can even put down in writing! As a new business owner, I thought I had the basics put together but when I met her, I realised I wasn’t ready. Each session  was just fantastic, she opened my eyes & mind to a lot & I always felt like having her brains to She’s full of so much knowledge. God bless you Tricia.


My Soupe Kitchen

Dear Tricia, I want to thank you for giving yourself today. The training is an eye-opener to some of the elements that are lacking in my business and to things I have been doing wrong

Adejoju Akinwale

Jorjuz Place

 I have this special gift,  knowledge experience & hack methods on raising kids in the most positive approach but was stuck on how my ideal audience which are mum's will receive the ideas and pay for it.

I came across Tricia's monetize your knowledge  and I wanted to pass that maybe it was just like the rest . I gave it a try with the lowest expectation,  Lo and behold, everything changed in less than 4weeks, The MummyClinic was birthed, in less than 2months,we are working with mums paying for our services, spread over five countries in raising the best version of their kids through our different packages. 

Honestly, if you have a knowledge, Tricia is the go to person. She's hands on and committed to your success. 

"She is blessed with brainstorming unique,practicable & marketable ideas for your business that will bring the  money home"


Thank you Trisha for all you do, You will always be part of MummyClinic success story. 

Temi Olajide

Mummy Clinic