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For Entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

The Business Growth coaching package seeks to help business owners develop a growth strategy that converts to increase in revenue and profits.


During the 4 weeks together we will:

  • Clarify your brand purpose and value proposition

  • Develop a SWOT Analysis to understand what aspects of your business should be improved on, opportunities for growth etc

  • Analyze product/service pricing

  • Develop a growth strategy for your business stage

  • Develop a marketing and sales execution plan to deliver the strategy

One-On-One Consultation

The one-on-one consultation session with TriciaBiz is designed to attend to any pressing questions or clarity required in your business.

Do you need someone to bounce ideas off?

Do you need to analyze your business ideas and plans?

Do you need to brainstorm on way forward?

Do you need an external individual to look into your business and provide professional insights?

Then this is the session for you. Distance is not a barrier, It can hold online or in person, whichever your preference. 

Starter Pack

This course is designed to help you finally start a profitable and sustainable business you love.

This coaching package was made for you especially if you've been held back by indecision, lack of technical know-how about getting started.

At the end of our time together, you should have:

  • Created your business idea

  • Validated the idea

  • Developed your value proposition

  • Marketing strategies

  • Business projections

  • Developed a framework for succesfully launching out your business


You have been in business and make interesting sales but after deducting Cost of Goods and overheads, you realise that there is absolutely no profit.

As a result there is no money available to re-invest in the business and you remain on the same level for 2,5 and maybe 7 years, then this is for you.

At the end of this package we will achieve 3 things:

  • Reviewed your SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), volume and value growth and prices

  • Developed a recommendation for right pricing moving forward after assessing current prices vis a vis those of competitors

  • Created a business Profit and Loss sheet with sales and profit projection

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