Hi, I am Tricia Ikponmwonba also known as Tricia Biz, the business fixer. 

​I exist to help businesses define their brands, develop custom-tailored marketing and sales strategies to grow into sustainable businesses.

About where her genius comes from, there are three thriving options:

(a) the audacious combo of born-and-raised in Lagos and ancestral Bini roots;

(b) 10+ years working for over a dozen multinationals; or

(c) an enduring selfie obsession

While the jury is yet undecided, she puts her genius to work helping high performing individuals start a business or grow existing businesses into profitable and sustainable brands.
Over years of working for Etisalat Nigeria, Unilever, Glaxosmithkline, Nigerian Breweries, Nokia, Multichoice, British American Tobacco, Mastercard, Emirates, The Bridge Clinic, Japan Tobacco International, D,light, Wrigleys and Coca-Cola (you thought “over a dozen” was figurative, didn’t you?), she built a reputation of cutting-edge execution.
Whether in public relations, brand building, digital marketing, experiential marketing, core marketing, or (insert yours) marketing, everybody who ever worked with her agrees that “Tricia knows her stuff”.
In order to translate her success working with multinationals to MSMEs
(Micro small and medium enterprises), Tricia launched TriciaBiz in April 2017. Her focus is on boosting the competitiveness of small businesses and she does this through a range of business services including one-on-one coaching, online courses, trainings and keynote speeches.
Tricia holds certifications in Public Relations, Integrated Marketing Communications, Marketing, Brand Building, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is a certified member of the Association of Accredited Small Business consultants.

If you’re mostly up late at night, twiddling your toes in old socks, and worrying over your business, you need to STAHP!

Call “TriciaBiz - The Business Fixer”, and she’ll fix you up.

...but get rid of the old socks first.  Seriously. Throw them out.

Her other qualifications are: philanthrophist, lover of all things pweety, dog enthusiast,
Mt. Kenya alumna and silly romantic.